The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has pushed for the urgency to house people as well as raised concerns for the health of unhoused people. Research revealed an opportunity for a social issue campaign that addressed the homelessness crisis. I collaborated with thirteen coworkers to develop and pitch the campaign to the rest of the Ad Council team. The goal of the campaign is to push hesitant helpers to take action to support homeless people and improve public attitudes towards unhoused individuals by de-stigmatizing and demystifying homelessness. For the proposal, I developed and created the visual identity and creative assets to bring this campaign to life.
Visual Identity

This concept is focused on simplicity, legibility, and directness. The campaign is both serious and hopeful. Using a warm, bright color combined with a Forma typeface marries these two ideas.
The graphic within the logo is based directly on the ellipse, a recognizable icon almost everywhere. It echoes the main message of the campaign: homelessness is not the end of the story.
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