I designed a formal invite for Huntsman Mental Health Institute's "How Sweet the Sound" event, sponsored by the Love, Your Mind campaign. The aim is to spark enthusiasm for "How Sweet The Sound". The intend for the invitations is to not only generate interest, but also to excite guests about experiencing the Love Your Mind Campaign firsthand. 
My goal was to create a fresh and exciting invite while adhering to the company's brand guidelines. I incorporated their original material and created new assets from it.
Color Guide
Using an original image from the event, I brought them into Photoshop to create an asset that aligned with the color style, but was also reimagined for a fresh look. It highlighted the performances and creators at the event while also not drawing attention away from the important information in the invite.
To give the invite an organic feel, I used pen strokes and separated it into an individual asset. Doing so allows me to incorporate and experiment the asset in different ways. I changed the color of the pen stroke to the blue found in the color branding guide. 
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